Notes on Functional Programming III: Functor, Applicative & Monad
The pinnacle of functional programming lies ahead. The fearsome MONAD towers like an abstract mountain. We will climb it with pure practicality. Do not fear, monads are actually really nice once you know them and you already have used them!
Notes on Functional Programming II: Composition & Point-free Style
The two last essential concepts of functional are composition and point-free programming, but what are their practical benefits and how to implement them? I provide these small and concise notes to be a handout for quick reference and discussion.
Development 2017
How will 2017 look like from an enterprise developer's perspective? Will Angular 2 rise to the top? What framework should you learn? Are there alternatives to Spring Boot? I'll take some wild guesses what's going to be important in 2017.
Notes on Functional Programming I: First-class, Pure, Curried Functions
Purpose-driven notes about the very fundamental building blocks of functional programming. What are first-class functions? What does purity and currying mean? And the most important question -- what are the practical advantages?
SSH Keys and OS X
If you create a new SSH key with the CLI on OS X and you work with Git, you've probaly seen the error message "UNPROTECTED PRIVATE KEY FILE". There's a simple fix which not only removes the error message but also fixes the critical default permissions.
The Third Circle Of Hell
Font Awesome isn't so awesome if it's a few MB in size. And this is only the tip of the iceberg there's so much wrong with premade icon fonts that you should think about not using them at all. I will present three possibilities how you can create a simple icon with a plain symbol, CSS or SVG.